We spot a great site for development

That is the beginning of the development process that requires due diligence on our part

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Excavation commences on...

After all permits, designs and plans are approved, we can start the actual work in the field.

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Then actual construction happens...

We deploy our workers or contractor to do the job right. In a "correct" way

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    What do we do?

    We acquire, develop and manage real estate. Our prime focus area is Southern Ontario, however we have some interests in USA and overseas. Throughout the years we have become owners of few prime real estate properties that we manage ourselves. Those core assets provide us with funds needed to develop and complete larger real estate projects, that are either sold to our potential customers or they become a part of our building portfolio.

    Our mission is to achieve sustainable growth of company assets through proper acquisition, well-planned development and excellent property management practices. Our commitment to growth prevails as well in all areas of "How do we do it?", whether it is building new partnerships with developers, providing education to our employees or seeking win-win scenarios with prospering or down-sizing tenants.

    Large projects do not get built overnight, therefore we value long term relationships with our partners, vendors, employees and tenants.